FAMILY: the parsons

I love when I get to take pictures of families over and over again and the Parsons are an example of that loyalty 🙂 I love getting to see their little girls grow up and how the call me “Miss Bailey”! It’s literally to die for. Krista was a trainer at Auburn High School while… Read More FAMILY: the parsons


SENIOR: sydney 2014

This girl has really grown up to be such a beautiful and wonderful young lady! Sydney’s dad Scott has now purchased two shotguns to steer the boys away from his daughter Sydney and his new step-daughter Madi, who also had her senior photos done by me the same day! Sydney has such a gorgeous smile,… Read More SENIOR: sydney 2014


MARRIED: brian + cari

So, let’s be real. I am really awful at updating this website. Ain’t nobody got time for all the social media in the world. But I should probably start getting on this… But besides the fact that I am terrible, this wedding is anything BUT terrible. In fact, it is the complete opposite because it… Read More MARRIED: brian + cari