meet bailey

Hi there!

I just want to introduce myself. I am Bailey and I am here to capture the best, most real, fun and beautiful/handsome you that I can 🙂

Here is a little bit about me:

I love dachshunds, a lot more than most normal people. Country music is the way to my heart. I love my quirky family, my incredible friends, and I like to pump some iron now and again! I played softball once upon a time for the University of Washington (go dawgs). I’m a little weird, outgoing, unfiltered, smiley, and chatty. I have a passion for the unusual and I am fascinated by the road less traveled. Which is another thing: I AM AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL! Let’s just plan your wedding for Italy, that’s fine with me. Or your family shoot if you’re into that.

Instagram is easily my favorite form of social media. Not a fan of SnapChat.

Bottom line. I like people. I like pictures and I LOVE taking pictures of people. 

During my sessions I want you to feel comfortable, loved, silly and love being comfortable and silly around me! I want your images to be playful, real and in the moment. There is nothing that makes me happier than getting a candid picture and having that end up being your favorite photo ever. I am here to make you look good and probably make a new best friend (that would be me!).

To book your session with me (whether it’s a wedding, event, expecting a lil one, boudoir, portrait shoot, new lil babe, about to graduate, need a new profile picture, whatever) head on over to the contact page and drop me a line, I’d love to get happy hour or ice cream (since I don’t drink coffee)!

Photo courtesy of the lovely Katrina Amburgey Photography
Photo courtesy of the lovely Katrina Amburgey Photography

xoxo, bailey


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